About us

With over 20 years in the industry, Vegeez is now one of Hawke’s Bay’s largest food processors delivering fresh and processed fruit and vegetables across the North Island of New Zealand, Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Vegeez is a family owned and operated value added / commercial producer which prides itself on the longstanding relationships it has with specialist fruit and vegetable suppliers throughout New Zealand. It is these relationships that enable Vegeez to deliver a consistent supply of high quality fresh and prepared produce throughout the year.

Vegeez constantly strives to find new, innovative ways to meet diverse customer requirements. Whether you need your vegetables sliced, diced, grated, shredded or pureed, we can source the freshest produce available and deliver them vacuum packed and ready to use right to your door. Vegeez can also source a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables to supply whole or pureed.

Over the last 20 years we have established a wide customer base, extending to some of New Zealand’s leading manufacturers, public institutions, district health boards, catering firms, restaurants, clubs and small enterprises.